Artificial Intelligence

AI - What is it?

The term artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is increasingly being used in everyday life and in the world of work. People associate AI with very different, sometimes fearful expectations. But what is AI? 

AI - The working definition in the KI.ASSIST project

In the KI.ASSIST project, we use the working definition of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence as a basis:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are 

human-developed software systems (and, where appropriate, hardware systems) that act with respect to a complex goal at the physical or digital level by perceiving their environment through data collection, interpreting the collected structured or unstructured data, drawing conclusions or processing the information derived from this data, and deciding on the best possible action to achieve the given goal. AI systems (...) are also able to analyze the impact of their previous actions on the environment and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Source: Hochrangige Expertengruppe für Künstliche Intelligenz: Eine Definition der KI: wichtigste Fähigkeiten und Wissenschaftsgebiete, April 2019, S. 6